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Wear some flowers..

 When I was a boy in early 60's,I saw Malay ladies wearing flowers in their hairs (sanggol). Not only ladies,some young men do wear a flower held in between their hairs and ear in Kelantan! And my mother put some nice smelling flowers on her bed  and pillows.Our favourite flowers are bunga kenanga and bunga melor.At times,I helped my mother to pick up these flowers.Perfume was not easy to come by.Flowers are part of our lives back then..

Nowadays,back to 80's till today,flowers become more and more made of plastic and use mainly as decoration. Only the rich get their fresh flowers on their lounge and dinner tables.

Three years ago in April,2012,I landed myself in Holland.A visit to Keukenhof for me is mandatory,including cycling in Amsterdam and the country side.The photo at the top right was taken by my late friend Guus Liberstein,who lived in Leiden.I was almost drown by sea of tulip flowers.Flowers,especially tulips,are part of the Dutch people life.

Hibiscus is our national flower.I only knew of the red colour version.Only lately,when I got involved in photography,I came upon the yellow one.Some are pink in colour.Flowers,just like us, come in many sizes,shapes and colours.The beauty lies in their diversity..

During one of my cycling around Jambatan Seri Gemilang,Putrajaya,I saw the above unique hibiscus flowers by the lakeside,I stopped and took this photo.If it is not for my cycling activity,I would not have discovered this multi-coloured leaves of hibiscus flower!

In January 1965,I had my first encounter with Flame of The Forest flower when I was admitted to SDAR in Tanjung Malim,Perak.It stood tall next to Dewan Rahman Talib and the school office.By the way,when I was in school,I have very little interest in flowers.My interest only began when I saw beautiful flowers in English Gardens.

My interest in cycling took me to a few beautifully landscaped garden in Putrajaya.The above are marigold flowers lining the cycling tracks in Taman Saujana Hijau.When I cycle here,I feel like I am cycling some where in Europe.Below are some flowers I shot in Keukenhof,Holland.Enjoy the view..


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