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Friday, 15 May 2015


This photo was my view when arrived back TO KL from the north via  PLUS.It was taken a few years back and now,there are more and more highrise flats and office towers being constructed in KL.It may be good business for property developers and owners to make tons of money but one thing I am sure the city will be more crowded and traffic jams every where.The quality of life of city dwellers will be greatly affected.

Two years ago, I noticed many new office and condominium towers had sprang up around KLCC and the the other parts of CBD.Just take Hop On Bus and see the city for yourself as a tourist.This type of office towers reminded me of The Wall St. in New York!Sooner,we shall become a walled city made of chain of clusters of concrete towers spread around the city.I think,DBKL should review KL as The City of Light to KL as The City in Concrete Towers.
The above is a secluded rest area inside the Garden of KLCC.Afte my walks in the garden,I came here to do some stretching and sometimes we came to have little picnic.Now,this beautiful garden is still beautiful but it is surrounded by a wall of hotels,condominiums and office towers.

Why are we doing this to our cityscape and environment?Just look at developed countries-they are building more liveable cities now.To me, we are rushing to kill our city life.
I am no expert on urban planning or city culture,but I have lived in KL from 1984 to 2009!I know what is it like and I decided to move away to sub-urban small town Bandar Baru Bangi.It is also 10 minutes away to Putrajaya.I hope,one fine day,they will build a cycle lane from Bangi to Putrajaya.

I can't change the conditions of the place where I live but I have the choice  where I should spend the rest of my life.

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