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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Travelling by train is my choice!

Every time I see  a train,I will take its  photo.The good shots I shared at my blog and the ordinary photos go to my Flickr account.In the last two years,I also post at my Facebook with written apology for my indulgence with too many photos of train.I even wonder why I like trains and love to travel with train for my commuting as well as when I travel  overseas.Looking back to my schooling days in SDAR,Tg Malim and TIKL,I discovered my answer.Every school term,three times a year,I had to take train from Palekbang in Tumpat ,via Gemas to KL and Tg Malim.Over a span of eight years,I travelled 48 times!Each journey is about 24 hours.With that periods of exposure during my younger days,I have been conditioned to like the train,especially KTM.

Since I moved to Bangi more than five years ago,I usually take Komuter Train from UKM to KL Sentral.From KL Sentral,I can go almost every where to my preferred destinations either by LRT or bus.I am taking this alternative to travel because I want avoid stressful traffic jam and reduce my cost of transport if I had  to use my own car.Since two years ago when I qualified to become a senior citizen,my train fares is cut by half.From UKM,Bangi to KL Sentral,I only have to pay RM1.70.

When I was a student at SDAR/TIKL,I travelled on 3rd class coach using warrant tickets given by the government.I dreamt then that one fine day,I will travel first class.Thirty years later,when I have two young boys,I took my family to Johor Bharu by train and we had a holiday in Singapore.It took six hours and I had a great time with my wife and kids on the train.As they say,the journey is the destination.Travelling by train brought back my memories when I was a student in England way back in early 70s.The good old British Rail was my preferred choice of transport from Sheffield to London.

My longest train travel was from London to Lancaster more than a decade ago.Whenever I am in UK,I travel by train to enjoy watching English rolling country side passing by my train window.The memories of my life in Sheffield from 1973-76 started rolling in at the speed my train travels.One scary ride of Eurostar from London to Paris was a few  weeks after the tunnel caught fire.My kids and my wife were having fun during the journey but I was praying for safety all the time.As they say,ignorant is bliss.Knowledge is at times,is a burden.

In April 2012,I went to Holland to visit a sick friend living in Leiden.He passed away a year later.When my plane landed in Schipol Airport,I went straight to the railway station and took the double deckers train.I love every minute of the journey,not to mention having a preview of tulips gardens along the route.Two days later,my late friend Guus Liberstein and his wife Marjolein took me to visit Keukenhof.And that made my day.During my five days stay in Leiden,I went cycling with them.But then,it  is a nother story of my hobby-cycling.

Now ,going back to London,I usually take The Tube.It can take me wherever I want to go.My latest travel on British Rail was in May,2012.If I were to close my eyes,I still know when I am on The Tube.The smell and the sound never change since my first ride in September,1973.The same thing with KTM.The ambiance remains but the memory comes back from different times of my life..


  1. I love trains too Pak Adib but in Blighty now train travel brings a hefty bill. My longest train journey was from Paris to Atbara in Sudan, and then from Aswan to Cairo. During the journey I wrote letters to my friends and compiled all them into a big file to publish as a book. But alas, the man who wanted to publish it lost the only copy I had. Perhaps that was a mercy as I was not quite ready for a book yet then. When I fly home I really enjoy the train journey from KLIA to Sentral. But why do they make us watch that annoying video about YTL all the way? Can't they do a collage of everyday people in KL bidding the incoming travellers welcome? PS I like your story up there and love the photos.

  2. Thank you Pak Adib. During the young days, train is my main means of transportation.. Being in the Armed Forces, we are entitled to a train warrants for travelling during the holidays. The furthest, train ride in Malaysia was from KL to KB.
    However the furthest ride was in the UK, when I had to travel from Dartmouth to London then to Edinburgh. It was an experience.
    Now that I am in the warga mas category, never had that opportunity to use the half fair previlege yet...well maybe someday soon.

  3. Bahau to Kuala Krai, dubbed as jungle train is the best ride I ever had. Glad The Reader is back!

  4. Pak Adib,

    everybody has a love for something ... yours is train. and yours seems like a long term love.

    nice write-up as I visualise your journey.

    my longest train ride was last year when I did my first solo land route back to Klang from Chiangrai which involved a 20 hours overnight ride from Nakhon Pathom to Butterworth.

    It was a great experience & the sleeping berth was very comfortable.

    since you like trains, check out this informative train ride link

    best wishes,


    The note of my attempt to blog on the train.