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Monday, 4 May 2015

The joy of giving

Every  time I cycle or walk in Taman Botani,I will drop by at this jetty as shown in the photo.There,we could see hundreds of fish swimming around.The water is quite clear that we could see the fish and so shallow that we can drop our hands to play with them.However,I dare not even touch  the water.Something fishy or slimy may be lurking down under and may be hungry enough to have my fingers for their breakfast or lunch!

We usually bring a few pieces of bread to feed the fish.It was fun to see the fish rush into getting the food floating on water.To me personally,I feel nice and happy that I could offer some food to hungry fish.Better still,if we could offer food to the needy people in our own community.The giver will be elevated higher than the receiver.

On my way to cycling this morning,I dropped by at 7-Eleven,Bangi  to buy a loaf of bread to feed the fish in Taman Botani,Putrajaya.When I arrived in Putrajaya to get ready for my bicycle ride,my dear friend came to me with a bag of mangoes.I was rewarded even before I feed the fish.As they say,God works in mysterious way.Thank you my Lord,Allahu Rabbul 'alamin.

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