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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Rocky and Fishy

First,I saw a few nice rocks by the lakside.The rocks pulled me nearer and their grainy texture made me took this photo.Then,beyond the rocks,I saw a group of people having fun feeding the fish.I walked over and joined the crowd.Now,I have already forgotten about the rocks.
The rocks may be dead as a rock,but without their beautiful presence,I would not have arrived at the jetty in the first place.The fish will be swimming happily ever after and I will never know their existence.
In life,we just enjoy with what we have first and be grateful for it.The better things may come later..


  1. After a long hiatus, most of us will return to blogging. Facebook nearly killed the blogging activities of many but like fashion, there is always a cycle and blogging is in fashion again. I hope I will be able to make a post tomorrow to support the call by Kak Teh.

  2. Blogging is cool.Old blogger is cooler.