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Monday, 11 May 2015

Rare and lucky shots

My visual romance with Pantai Irama began about five years ago when I started taking photos there using my DSLR  cameraanon 400D with kit lens only.It was not a professional gear,but just a basic entry for a photo hobbyist.Most of my shots were taken using Auto Mode because I don't even know how to set up or program/change the settings of my camera.What I did was to compose,focus and shoot.By sheer good luck,most of the shots came out okay but nothing great.As a novice,I was very happy.

Going back to my online photo archive at Flickr,my account started in April ,2005.By April,2014,the numbers went up to more than 11,000 photos.I read that in the world of photography that the first 10,000 photos taken are just practice shots.The better shots only will appear in the next few years and the best will be the next shot!

As the years went by,I kept shooting with my DSLR and joined a few photo walks and got advice from my friends who are great photographers.They don't earn their living from photography but their shots are as good and at time better the professional photographers.In March 2014,I received a gift from a friend.It is a Fujifilm X-T1.A few months later,my old Canon went dead.C'est la vie..

Three events that inspired me to keep shooting and improving my photography.The first was when I was lucky enough to be at Pantai Irama and managed to get great displays of light and event happening on the beach at about 7am.Here are a few captures that kept me looking back at the photos and still feel that I could not have done it based only my gears and skills.They were gifts from Allah to me.FOTO

The second event was when an Advertising Agency called me up to buy this photo.The client was Putrajaya Holding S/B.This photo as shown below was used to advertise their property for sale.It was my first sale and first time ever in my life that my photo got printed and published in three national newspapers!FOTO.

The third event happened last year when two dozens of my photos listed at EYEEM were selected to be sold at Getty Images.All these events gave me the confidence to keep me shooting.My friends are also quite happy to see some good photos I posted at my Facebook and blogs.A few inspired me to go professional.I know better than them that I am not there yet.Whenever,I can retire from earning money,I will love to be a travel writer or photo journalist-whatever  that means to me.It will be just for the sheer joy and not to earn any money.If I get paid for that,why not.

Now,my Flickr account is  10 years old and I managed to archive just over  20,000 photos.With this collection,may be only 5% is good enough for me to use for my coming eBook on cycling and photo story books.May be about 200 for Putrajaya Postcards and Bachok is Beautiful Projects.I hope all these business ideas lurking around in my little head will be realised by next year,2016 insyaAllah.

Below are a few shots that I wish to sell as Postcards from Putrajaya.By the way,if you like photography,do join our Putrajaya Photowalk at my Facebook.Thank you for reading.

Currently my interests cover natural landscape,urban landscape,street photography and portraits.

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