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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Precious time with my mother..

First and foremost are  my praises to The Owner of All Praises-The One who is Ar Rahman and Ar Rahim.Thank you Ya Allah for your mercy that I still have my mother today.She is 80 years old and and I am 62 years old.She is the eldest child of my grand parents and I am her eldesst son.

My mother is very active lady.In her mid-30s,she was a Wanita UMNO Chief for Bachok for more than 30 years,and her last job was Ketua Penyelia KEMAS,Jajahan Bachok some 20 years ago.Despite her heart problems and backache,she could walk a few hundreds metres with no wheel chair.Two months ago,she went for her umrah with my sister and her husband.Last night,we went shopping and had family dinner at Alamanda,Putrajaya.At first,I went to get her a wheel chair,but looking at the way and the speed she was walking in and out of the shops,I just waited outside the shops and followed her.My wife was her window shopping partner and a lady-in-waiting.One of her favourite shops is Clarks Shop.She got her first pair of Clarks shoes in Oxford about 25 years ago.And she still wears Clarks shoes.Her only complaint is the price is getting higher every other year.

Since her retirement,she focussed on reading and hafal Quran.Now,she is a Quran teacher for ladies and girls in our Kampung Pondok Beris.Whenever,I go 'balik kampung' or she comes to visit me,I will be asked to read Quran and she will correct me as I go along.Yesterday,when I was reading my Surah Al-Kahfi for my Friday routine,she still corrected me in a few ayats.A mother will be a mother,even to her son who is already a grand father with four grand children.She still reminds  me to do my solat-everyday.According to my younger friend whose mother has passed away a few years ago,I am very lucky man.When I asked him why,he said mother always makes doa for her children after her every solat-and that means five times a day my mother doa for me.I could not ask for more.

My mother is under medication for her heart problem.Every time she gets weak and falls sick,I become very afraid.No matter how much I love her,when the time comes she has to leave us.I get afraid because the time may come at any time.Since a few years ago,I made a point that I go 'balik kampung' to see my mother as often as possible and now,it is three days in each month is my routine to be with my mother.On a few occassions,my mother asked me to take her to Pantai Irama.She enjoys walking along the beach and play with the waves.As advised by many whose mothers had passed away,I must take good care of her.InsyaAllah,I am doing my best.

Today,I spent the whole morning talking to my mother while my wife was in the kitchen preparing our lunch.After lunch,my mother had to leave to visit her sister and other relatives in Klang Valley and Cyberjaya.How,I wish she stays with me until she goes home.Or forever,and that is very selfish of me.

Thank you again Ya Allah for the:

Precious moments.
When will I see you again Mek..

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