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Sunday, 24 May 2015


I have been visiting many beautiful gardens of Putrajaya since 2008 and I am glad to confess that I still enjoy it till yesterday when I took my wife for  a morning walk at Taman Botani,Putrajaya 

On the right is its famous little garden of Hibiscus flowers.I noticed there was a lot of pruning and cleaning going on-leaving only two red flowers.May be ,better luck next time.

As we walked by the lakeside,I saw a group of girls were on the jetty -enjoying the view of PM Residence  across the lake.At that time I was trying to take a photo of the weir but somehow I felt something is missing-the human element.So,I had to wait for these girls to walk along the jetty and enter my frame of my mind's eye.After a few minutes,when they started walking,I started shooting with my smart phone camera Note3.How I wish I have my Fujifilm X-T1 with me.

About 50 metres  away from The Spring Seafood Restaurant,there is a yellow steel jetty where there are hundreds of Javanese carps are swimming around.Most visitors like me take along a few slices of bread to feed them.They are hungry all the time and I love to see them fighting for little pieces of bread thrown to them.Sorry,I cannot show you the fish-my camera is not good enough to capture their images in the water.

The above is the inside part of The Moroccan Pavillion-located at the entrance of Taman Botani.To see the artefacts,you need to buy the tickets -RM3 per person.It is a great place to take photos,especially wedding photos.

What I enjoy most walking here is the view and the ambiance.It is isolated from the madding crowd out there and the cool breeze,the chirping of the birds on the trees and I am surrounded by the trees,the flowers and the lake,I could not ask for more.

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