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More than A Deacade of Blogging

More than 15 years ago,I started to write weekly short notes as Cerita Kedai Kopi at that time,the term blogging was not invented yet.My nickname was Berisman then.Later on,I joined but it has limited features to include photos,links etc.I was very serious about blogging and wanted my blogs to look cool and professional.So,I subscribed for a fee based in 2004 for nine years but I stopped in August ,2013 when I was badly bitten by Facebook bugs.I left blogging because my usual regular readers had reduced from 200 hits to 100 hit daily.That was one of the reasons.However,I still do update my sister blogs at for my cycling and photography hobbies.Sadly,my reading hobby has taken a back seat.Facebook has an apps called Notes,which I use to write my photography notes and in a way,it is a blog inside Facebook.What is missing is the " blogging community and culture" in Facebook context and Facebook friends.And this missing dimension is a void that is waiting for something to happen.

Did I miss blogging in the last two years?The answer is not really.I was then busy with photo blogging at Flickr,500px,EyeEm.It is just about uploading photos and very little to write. One important event that inspired me to get serious with my photography was when Putrajaya Holding S/B used my photo to advertise the sale of their propoerties in Putrajaya and I got paid for it.The second event is when more than a dozen of my photos were selected to be on sale at Getty Images.These events boasted my interest in photography.My  Facebook and Photoblogs are updated almost every week with my best shots of that period.By becoming an avid and serious photographer,it taught me to be more observant and patient. Now,I appreciate more the beauty and the power of Allah's creations.As a consultant and teacher in project management,I am using photos as my visual communications methodology to enhance my consultancy work for my clients and better understanding for my students.

Fast forward  to two weeks ago,I read a note from Kakteh@Puan Zaharah about going back to blogging.She invited us to kickstart blogging again and in the event we cannot walk or run due to us getting older,at least we can bloghop!Her note reminds me of my blogging days and I felt nostalgic about it.Many of  my bloggermates of the last decade had stopped blogging and a few had passed away.Anyway,I said yes that I will go back to blogging and the D-Day of our blogger reunion is on 6th of May,2015.Two of my regular blog readers sent me email asking why I stopped blogging for more than a year.I replied to their questions but there was no intention to go back to blogging.I was happy with my Facebooking.Facebook is just like a Swiss knife with many blades and gadgets attached and I still love it to communicate and to collaborate my reading,cycling and photography hobbies with my friends.

After saying yes to blogging again,I sat down on my lazy chair and started wondering what made me want to do it again.Surely,it is not just about writing and who read my blog.It has to do with the COMMUNITY OF BLOGGERS..In the last five years,we don't have Facebook meeting or Teh Tarik (TT) session but we did have  our BLOGGERS TT sessions during my blogging days.It is more personal and some have become real friends-unlike Facebook friends. A few times,I attended political forum initiated and managed by bloggers.Some bloggers were political activists and also act as voice of dissent-especially during the height of REFORMASI.A few bloggers were labelled as the enemies of the ruling elite.In fact,blogging and bloggers were given bad names by a few Malaysian government ministers.Now,even our Prime Minister has his own blog,not to mention our ex-PM TDM.Blogs have the depth and the width,unlike Facebook that feels like Touch N Go.

Looking back,I have been a serious and regular blogger for about a decade from 2003 to 2013.There are more than 3000 postings-short and long!You can read my postings at my old blog The Reader.Last year,I plan to do a few eBooks on managemen/tazkiraH/ cycling based  from my previous postings.Some how,my plan did not take off.Hopefully,I could get some fund to kick off the eBook projects this year or next.

One of the reasons why I blog was to share my little knowledge and experience with the younger generations.A few of them have benefitted and some of them have become my personal friends.As I grow older ,I am losing more old friends,but at the same time,I am getting new friends from younger generations.Likewise,I also benefited a lot from  blogging.The most obvious one is it keeps on improving my writing and expanded my social and business networking.

Reading is my first hobby before I get bitten by cycling and camera bugs.Blogs may not be like real books,however reading blog is just like reading a few paragraphs from books yet to be completed/published  by my fellow bloggers.One of my friends,Awang Goneng ,has turned his blog into a book-Growing Up in Terengganu.

A question comes to my mind:What shall I write in the coming weeks or months?Well,I am not going to be living in the future.At my age,my planning horizon is short.I am living a day at a time and I shall write whenever I have something to write-even twice a day or none at all.

Below is the photo of Umai Cafe,Presint 2,Putrajaya where I am going to hold Berkelah Baca Buku on 10/5/2015 from 8-11am.If you happen to be nearby,please come and join the party.It is a cool place to meet among bloggers and avid readers.

Last but not least,my thank to Kakteh@Zaharah for inspiring me to blog again.Blogging is cool;old blogger is cooler!


  1. Haha its quite chilly when someone in my age (I think in 20th, I am a way younger here. Sorry couldn't help to resist to said this) read someone older blogs his thought. It just makes me wonder, how would it be like when I re-read all my old postings after years of blogging. Is there any changing in principles, or how we look at things, or perhaps on how we discover the meaning of life throughout the writings. I just clinging to know that.

    Keep it up, sir. I hope I can follow the spirit you are showing here, to guide my still-young life ahead.

  2. Thank you Ahmad Tajuddin for leaving a good comment.In general,the principle remains,but the style changes with time.I have 30 years to look back but sadly many things were forgotten.That is why I want to keep writing so that I could turn my clock back and see/feel what I saw/felt a few years later.


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