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Wednesday, 20 May 2015


May things can be seen on 'kaki lima'.It is the five-foot path outside the shops or buildings.It is a pedestrian walkway for people to move from shop to another in the days of rows of shophouses and no shopping complexes.When shop-keepers are short of space,they use this kaki lima to display their wares and at the same time as advertisement to pull the walking crowd into their shops.Below is one good example at the famous English bookshop in Paris.

Sometimes,some street entreprenuers use the kaki lima as their temporary office to meet and do business with their clients.Here,you can see a petition writer at work.The old type writers may have changed to iPads.

This above  is one of the cleanest kaki lima in Kuala Lumpur along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.However,if we cross the road behind Kamdar and walk to Masjid India and Jalan Melayu,there are a lot of vendors on the kaki lima-a bit dirty but more colourful and alive!

During one of my photowalk sessions along Jalan Tun Perak,I sat at a cafe and took a series of photos of people walking on the same spot of kaki lima along the road.Here are six snapshots taken last year,2014.On the road,we may encounter the good ,the bad and the ugly.Anything can happen and you cannot even guess who you are going to meet.Lately,I became interested to do street photography because what we see on the roads reflect what is going on in our community. 

Kaki Lima is a public space.At night,in certain places of KL,some sleazy noctornal activities are still going despite being raided by the authorities.Life goes on,business as usual.Kaki Lima is a linear SOHO with no rental.

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