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Thursday, 28 May 2015

I read,therefore I am.

I read a book, a real book and not a facebook.I think,therefore I am..

I just wonder what kind of person is this guy who chose to break away from the crowd who lost themselves in The World Wide Web or some Whatsapp Chat Rooms via their smart phones;and he stood like a sore thumb on the LRT Station platform? Is he making a statement or what?

I am not saying the above but some people do.It is not for me to speculate his intentions.Just focus on the fact.He reads a book while waiting for his train.Another six behind him are reading something on the tiny screens of their smart phones.I don't know what they are reading.At the far end,three guy are chatting.Everyone is seen to do what they really want to do to occupy their time.It is not for me to say who are doing better or worse.

People of my generation (senior citizens) prefer the old school style- we read real books.Some people read Quran on their iPads even though they are in their 50s or 60s.It is personal choice.We should never judge.One day,I was in a masjid and walked behind a young man wearing jeans.He was reading something from his iPhone after his solat.To my pleasant suprise,I saw him reading Quran!

Many people read books,but only some people learnt lessons from their reading and only a few apply to their daily lives.I read books but I also discuss book with learned scholars to improve my undertstanding and knowledge.Below is such an event when I was Datuk Professor Dr Afifi Al Akiti of Oxford University.

I love to read and to write and to sketch and to take photos.My blog was named The Reader because I love to read.When I was younger,I managed to read two books a month but as I grow older I read a book a month.From my experience ,my mind enjoys more  reading than  just watching the stupid box.Below is a photo taken during our Reading Picnic in Putrajaya.

Reading makes me think using the experience of others. Reading maketh A Man.Alexander The Great's mother reminded his son:"Beware of people who can think."

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