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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Garden of Heaven

When I was a kid in the 50's,we did not have a garden next to our house,nor any public garden any where in the district of Bachok at that time. I only  know what a garden looks like when I visited Lake Garden,KL in late 60's during my school years at SDAR,Tanjung Malim,  Perak.We do have some flower plants around our house  then,but I hardly can  call it a garden.The photo above  is the latest garden in Putrajaya to mark the Malaysia and China Friendship.It is located at Presint 4,Putrajaya where there is going to be a great flower show Floria 8th Edition beginning on 30th May,2015 for about a week.Garden has been around on this planet earth since the great human civilisations a few thousand of years ago.You can read more about it here.

 Fast forward to the present..The photo above is Taman Botani,Putrajaya.Its area is more than 300 acres and inside,we can see a few mini gardens.This is my favourite garden to walk with my wife.One subject of interest to me is plant morphology.I found great beauty in Allah's creations.There  are a few hundreds species of plants and flowers  manifest their greatt beauty  for us to see.However,only the  ululalbabs get the meaning.Below is The Moroccan Pavilion,located in Taman Batani with nice architecture-it is a great place to take wedding  photos.
Putrajaya has many big and small gardens.The highest and most beautifully landscaped with flowers is Taman Saujana Hijau.My cycling group is going up there this Sunday.It has 3km loop of cycling and walking lanes.The longest linear garden is called The Esplanade,which runs about 10km all along the Core Island of Putrajaya.To explore all these beautiful places,one has two options only -to walk or to cycle.No cars are allowed.

About three years ago,I was appointed as a committee member of Putrajaya Inter Park Ride.The objective was to get people to visit the various parks in Putrajaya.Every month,we invite the public to ride bicycles and visit the park.This is in line with the concept of Healthy Park,Healthy People.A study indicated that there is a positive correlation between people health and visiting parks.I am glad to inform that we got great success to get people cycling but not much success to get fellow Malaysians to visit parks.At least,they adopted a healthy life ctyle of cycling!May be we have to explore new ways to develop a culture of going to the parks on weekends.On personal side,I did organise a few family picnics for my family members at Taman Seri Empangan,Presint 5,next to PICC,Putrajaya.Another good location for family picnic is Taman Botani next to Seafood Centre and man-made beach next to Pullman Hotel.

The above two photos were taken during my cycling at Taman Saujana Hijau.There are a lot more to see up there.

First,allow me to make a confession.I know nothing about gardening.And I don't like to do gardening.I am only a photographer when my wife's garden blooms a flower.So,I cannot claim  any credit at all except on the photo's part.Second,I first fell in love with English garden when I was in UK during my student days at Sheffield University from 1973-76.It was a long time ago but the love affairs continue more intense lately when I visited Keukenhof Tulips Garden in April,2012.Here is my Flickr collection of flowers.

Honestly,in Malaysia,we do not have many great gardens all over the country.If we do have,they are neither here nor there and badly maintained.That is why every weekend,I either go walking with my wife or go cycling with my friends in the gardens of Putrajaya.There are a few more beautiful small gardens in Putrajaya but I prefer to keep their locations secret.Just for the fun of it.It is better you discover on your own.

What does the title of this blog means?The above garden is about 10-storey high.Men's dream of Heaven are reflected in their garden.Do you want to know why people build gardens?Please don't ask me.I had asked the same question.You may find the answer in a book entitled The Garden of The Evening Mists,written by Tan Twan Eng.I am reading the novel now.


  1. Pak Adib, awesome photos. I never realized all these beautiful scenes, not in Putra Jaya and not anywhere in Malaysia. I guess I have too busy chasing destinations that I forgot to enjoy the journey.

    Tuan menggunakan camera jenis apa?

  2. Pak Pin,
    I used my old DSLR Canon 400D.Now,it is kaput-too old.I have upgraded to Fujifilm XT1