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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Family dinner

When I got married in 1977,my daily family dinner was just the two of us.Over the last three decades,it grew to three when we have our first son.Then it became four and reached a maximum of five in 1989.Then ,one son got married in 2011;another  son followed one year later and now were are left with three.Thank God,most weekends,my son brought his family to my house for a Sunday lunch or high tea.Nowadays,I could count with my fingers how many times when all my kids and their family members  can sit down on a table and eat our dinners together.Now,I see the wisdom of Chinese New Year family dinner when all family members are obliged to return home to have dinner with their parents and siblings.Now,I am beginning to understand why my mother insists that I have dinner every night at home when I 'balik kampung'.(go home to my parent's house).

Last weekend,while I was having my family dinner at Lake Club,Putrajaya I saw a man ushering her mother in a wheel chair to a table.It really touched me when I saw  a man in his 40s taking care of his mother;brought her to a restaurant and had a family dinner.The incident reminds me of my mother in the kampung.Not only that ,a thought crossed my mind of what if I were on that wheel chair one day.Every time I saw men/women on wheel chairs,I look at my legs and be grateful for them to Allah.I have been walking with my legs for more than 60 years and they are still good.My doctor friend reminded me once  when I went to see him about my knees making creaking noises.He asked me to show him any car tyres that last more than 50 years.We had a good laugh!

To young parents out there with small kids -whatever the number 3 or 7,just enjoy your time now.Sooner than expected you will be having dinner with only your spouse or your maid!

Let me share the night view from the restaurant at Kelab Tasik,Putrajaya.

Note:This posting was originally written in my Facebook on 5/2/2014

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