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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Cycling Clubs

I chose this orange bike because it reminds me of my visit to Keukenhof,Holland in the last week of April,2012.And to give due respect and recognition to Amsterdam as the World Capital for Cycling where about 50% daily trips are made on bicycles.Another reason is due to my mind is now in Holland because two of my Putrajaya riding buddies are cycling there now and everyday they keep updating us with beautiful places they cycle and eat there.If I am a rich man,I will take the next flight to Schipol airport and join them eyes turn green every time the upload photos of their cycling adventure.

The photo shown above is my present bicycle which I  ride twice a month in Putrajaya with members of Putrajaya Cycling Club(PcC).The club now has more than 600 riders of various types of bicycles and brands.We are location based club-Putrajaya is our home ground to cycle even though our members do cycle outside of Putrajaya.Riders donot belong belong to one club.They join any club that suit their riding style,skill and preference.Personally,I belong to a few clubs but I lead and manage PcC.To meet our members expectations,we organise a few rides a month.The rides vary in distance and route profile.We have family ride for newbies-about 10km on flat terrain,a santai ride of 20km with some uphill climbs,power ride of hilly and long ride of 30 to 40km and weekly night ride of 20km around Putrajaya.

Along our riding route,we stop at a few scenic places to enjoy the view and the ambiance but at the same time to give space to recover our breath,get fluid replacement and toilet stops.During these breaks along the ride,we regroup so that slower riders can catch up and we get to know one another.Conversations and friendship manifest themselves..
With the view like the above photo,who can resist the temptation to take photos.I succumb to it and ended with a few thousands photos of my friends and me cycling in Putrajaya.Along the rides,I learnt photography from my riding buddies and now I am very active in photography through another club called Putrajaya Photowalk.A few of my friends and me included had to upgrade our kapcai cameras because the views are too good.From avid cyclists,a few of us become avid photographers.
When I was in school,I was kaki bangku-never interested in sport.The only sport event I qualified for was tarik tali!May be it was due to my body size more than my streight and skill.Somehow,beyond my comprehension,I suddenly agreed to buy a mountain bike and started to cycle around my neighbourhood.Most likely,I got the interest back from my childhood days whenever I saw my son Maher playing with his BMX bike.Later,he got a Morales from me-bought at White Chapel,London.

During the late 90s and before 2008,I did not belong to any clubs yet.Clubs were only for professional and hard core riders.Ordinary folks like me who ride less tha 10km a week,just join our neighbourhood buddies or schoolmates who ride bicycle.

My first cycling club is PCM-Putrajaya Critical Mass where I broke my personal record to cycle 24km with stop every 5km.This happened in August,2008.At that time,cyclists in Putrajaya were considered nuisance or trouble makers.I love to join the nerds and at the same time,I cycle to get fit and fun.In 2009,I logged in 1809kmmy best cycling year!

As more and more people cycle,clubs were created to meet the need of like minded people.The second club I joined PER-Putrajaya Easy Riders,where I joined a group to explore  and enjoy the beautiful gardens in Putrajaya.The third club I joined is PUR-Putrajaya Urban Riders but three years ago,my friends form another club and asked me to lead.It is called PcC-Putrajaya Cycling Club to cater for everyone who enjoin and share our values of fun leisure ride around Putrajaya.It is open to all Malaysians.

Over the last 15 years of my cycling,I started with Haro mountain bike(MTB).Later,I changed to Trek 3000.After a few years,I upgraded to Trek 6000 so that I could ride better in FRIM.Fast forward,as I grow older,I bought my first Folding bike Dahon C07 in 2010.A year later,I got this Brompton as my 59th birthday present  from myself.All were hand-made in England.

As a Brompton owner,I joined MBM-My Brompton Malaysia.It has more than 300 members and they just had their away ride in Singapore on 1st and 2nd May,2015.To remain active and have more fun,we need to join cycling clubs.By the way,i am also a member of LBC-London Brompton Club.Hopefully,I will get a chance to roam the City of London with my fellow friends at LBC.
A view of Jambatan Putra as I cycle near Taman Wawasan..

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  1. assalam n dear mr adib,
    i am interested in joining pcc. i am a newbie in riding n own only a cikai bike. may i know how to join pcc...riding in group would be fun n looking forward to meet new people