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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Chinese tourists

 The Chinese tourists are coming to Malaysia by the droves.They don't come alone,but by plane loads to KLIA and a few tens of busloads to Putrajaya.They don't come here are as budget tourists; but they come in great style wearing designer clothes and spectacles.They don't carry cheap compact cameras but they have DSLRs hanging on their necks..

Below is a snapshot of them coming down to The Souq to have breakfast.I only eat roti canai and lamb curry but most of them eat roti canai with big prawns that costs  at least RM25 each!They are rich people!

Gone were the days where cheap and lousy products come from China.Now,iPhones are made in China.China has the ability and the capacity to produce products as requested by any clients.The high economic growth in China in the last decade caused great worries in the West.The latest economic report stated that if China economy were to stumble,the world economy will be adversely affected!To me,China is going to play a major political and economic roles in the decades to come.

Ever wonder why China has become so successful?Why not Russia?Ever wonder why South Korea has becomes so successful?Why not Malaysia?Some food for thoughts over the weekend.

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