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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Book launch at Kinokuniya Bookshop

 On our way to visit our cousin who had just returned from performing their umarah,we stopped at Suria KLCC for a snack and look around at our favourite bookshop-The Kinokuniya Bookshop.From my observations of other bookshops,this Kino,as I like to call it, is the best in term of of the books/magazines it stocks.May be also the biggest in floor area as well.The Coffee Xpress,a cafe inside this bookshop,has a good view of the water fountain in front of KLCC.But the coffee and the cakes are too expensive for me.

On arrival at the bookshop at 11am,I saw a group of men and women were busy setting up a book launch/signing-Why I Still Carry A Guitar..The book was written by Yusuf Islam,the once famous singer known as Cat Stevens.This is a great opportunity for me to see Yusuf Islatm in person.So,we decided to stay back and waited for him.At 12pm,I saw him walking into the bookshop.

As amateur photographer,I was very excited to get the opportunity take photo of a great singer and Muslim da'ai and philantropist.So I started shooting with my mobile camera and forgot that I have a compact Lumix LX5 in my bag!Blimey.
Talking about book signing sessions I have attended so far,most of them were boring .However,I enjoyed the launching and book signing session by Dina Zaman and Awang Goneng,

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