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Biggest Bookshop


The above bookshops are very big by any standard in Malaysia.In UK,I visited a big bookshop in Oxford,England .It has 3 miles of shelves space and belongs to Blackwell.I don't have any idea which is the biggest bookshop in London but the Grand Mother of them all is Foyles of London.By the way,what is the biggest bookshop in the world?

My first encounter with big size  bookshops were The KinokUniya and The Borders in Singapore in the late 90's.How I wish then that we had similar ones in KL.Now,we do and visit them quite often.Despite we have popular Facebook and eBook,I believe people still prefer real bookshops to online ones.I do.Most of my book purchases were transacted in real world and not in cycberspace.

Does size really matters?Not for me.What matters more is what the bookshop is selling.The Popular Bookshop in Ampang Point is big,but half of its space is for stationery.Each bookshop has its own target market.I love diversity to suit everyone taste.To each,his own.Wardah is a small bookshop I like for its special books on Islam but it is located in Singapore.
The photo shown above was taken by AwangGoneng when we visited this famous and big English bookshop called The Shakespeare and & Company,located by the River Seine in Paris. 

Before I forget,let me note here that I love two movies that have stories related to bookshop.One is You've Got Mail and the other is Notting Hill.The other reason why I like the movies  was because of the actress,the actor and the location that I could relate to especially Notting Hill.And that reminds me of my favourite small bookshop on Portobello Road,London.Talking about bookshops in London,it reminds me of having tea and scones with Awang Goneng in Foyles Bookshop.We had great time.The other bookshops I lile to visit when I am in London is The Blackwell and Books Etc.

The above is a small Boocafe located in Bukit Tungku,Kuala Lumpur.Sadly,it failed to survive.You are welcome to join our online bookcafe at ADAB BOOK CAFE where it is open 24/7.Just leave your comment.

May I know,which is your favourite bookshop in Malaysia or any where else?Happy reading.



  1. I remember a cafe just outside The Actor's Studio more or less 20 years ago. It had a small collection of well-loved books. I'd savour a few pages in between Aunty Faridah's lamb chilli con carne. Bliss!


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