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Berkelah Baca Buku

I wrote this note in June,2013 about having a book reading event in Putrajaya.Every 3rd Sunday,we have Langkah Ceria-group walking about 3-5km.And every 4th Sunday,we have Kayuhan Ceria-group cycling about 10 to 20km.All these events are organised and sponsored by Perbadanan Putrajaya.All these events are well attended and participated by all residents and outsiders of Putrajaya.To my mind,why not we have another organised event for Baca Ceria-Group reading for public?Something for the mind and not only for the body.

In Malaysia,I am quite confident to say that more than 110% of the people read Facebook everyday.However,when it comes to reading real book,I dare to say it is less than 10% who read a book a month.

From an online discussion at Malaysia Book Club led and managed by Dato' Seri Zaini Ujang,we have decided to create an event called Berkelah Baca Buku.The main purpose is to inspire and motivate people to read and at the same time to inculcate the culture of reading to our younger generation.

So,today we managed to organise our first event.It was attended by about a dozen of us.Hopefully,the numbers will grow to a few hundreds in future.

During this event,I invited Mobile Book Cafe,owned by my friend,MBA,It is a bookshop on four wheels.Thanks MBA.


  1. DS Zaini Ujang is also instrumental in spearheading the project to beautify our Sg Galing with the assistance of MOHE. His love for books and waterways are quite well known!

  2. Would live to join one day Insya Allah

  3. usaha murni Pak Adib :-) saya sokong dari jauh buat sementara waktu ini...and hopefully like Lollies, will be able to join in person one of the sessions...

  4. Pak Pin.Di persilakan...Terima kasih

  5. Pak Adib...sounds interesting. May one day i'll join

  6. Yati,you are most welcome.Berkelah is a group avtivity that provide good ambiance to get people together to talk about books.Conversations during the meeting and exchange of commentary via social media later will add more meaning to our reading and understanding of life.


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