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Tuesday, 12 May 2015


I am using real photos of Bachok,especially those taken at Pantai Irama to paint a beautiful picture  of Bachok in the minds of people,especially foreigners.I have a very selfish reason-to lure them to come to my Bachok and boost the tourism industry here.Not for me,but to boost the economy of this poor and neglected district.The sound of silence is deafening when it comes to promoting Bachok as a tourist destination.Millions were spent to promote tourism in Malaysia,but I heard and saw  nothing on Bachok.I just wonder what The State Tourism agency is doing for Bachok. 

Many,many years ago,the late ex-Chief Minister of Kelantan Tok Guru Nik Aziz had launched Bachok as Bandar Pelancongan Islam.The signboard has already collapsed and nothing significant has taken off or is taking place in Bachok.The latest development that created another land mark in Bandar Bachok is the KFC Restaurant.Something that I am not proud off and I bet foreign tourists won't be coming here to eat at KFC at Pantai Irama.

Currently,I am building up my portfolio of photos about the people,the places and their way of life.Hopefully,I will have enough story to write an eBook of Bachok.It is a sad story of a neglected poor beautiful girl living in isolated kampung; earning a living selling pucuk paku from house to house on her recon Japanese bicycle.

Honestly,I can't go on writing..Otherwise,I will cry...

More photos here.


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  2. Pak Adib ... but Pemandu stats indicate there's no more poverty and unemployment !!
    we are a thriving wealthy nation ... is Bachok in Malaysia ? (it"s tinge with sarcasm)

  3. Gan,I got the biggest laugh on hearing that only 1% Malaysians are poor.In Bachok,it is 20 times that!I believe TERAJU STATISTICS have not covered areas like Bachok fishing villages and kampung areas.I was born here more than 60 years ago and saw very little was done to allevate the income level and the quality of life.My house located in Pondok Beris Bachok depend on our own tube well for our water supply.If you go to Bandar Bachok,you won't know where it is unless you ask the local.After more than 50 years of Merdeka,we have yet to get a Hospital Daerah.