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Monday, 18 May 2015

A Ride to Remember

Cycling has become my serious hobby since I got bitten by cycling bugs in August,2008.In 2009,I managed to cycle 1809km by joining a few cycling clubs.Once,I became a senior citizen in September,2012 I ditched away my mountain bike(MTB) and ride my Brompton folding bike more and more until the cobweb is one inch thick sitting on my metallic horse MTB.To avoid me getting on the saddle and venture into dangerous zonesnot suitable for someone at my age,I sold it in 2013.

Old habit die hard.In December,2014 I got itchy and rode a borrowed MTB in Putrajaya Wetland.On reaching my base,I met with a freak accident when I suddenly saw a bump on a downhill and I did an emergency brake that made fly like a rock. I had 7cm cut on my left cheek and needed 7 stitches. My gum cracked and two of my teeth were displaced.I fell on my smart phone and the screen broke.The accident made grounded for two months and cost me RM5,000.00.It caused a big dent on my pocket as well as my ego.I want to remember it because I learnt a few lessons from this accident.

Beginning March,2015,I went back cycling with my Brompton folding bike-albeit slowly and only once or twice a month for shorter ride of less 20km.Thank God,I recovered well.The scars of my face almost faded away after almost 6 months.

Yesterday,I led a group of 34 riders from Kelab Tasik Putrajaya to Taman Saujana Hijau.I felt tired on a 4km climbing but my body can still take it.I was the last rider arriving at the elevated garden.Most of the members of my tribe enjoyed the hilly ride and a wetland detour.I hope this ride is their ride to remember!

In cycling experience, passing through physical environment matters than the distance.It is not  the size of the dinner plate but more about what is the food/drink served and who are dining with you.At times,I ride alone-doing my meditation in motion..

By the way,I also have a few rides that I want to forget.One of them is The Mountain Bike Challenge at Bukit Lagong in 2006.It was more of pushing up a muddy trail uphill rather than the MTB challenge.It was badly planned and I should not take part at all.

In the last decade,I had three bike falls but overall I had great rides most of the time.As I grow older,I plan to cycle more for fun and for health.To my peers,many of us can walk but cannot run like when we were younger.To keep us active and agile,I suggest you get a bicycle and ride slowly into our old age and fade away..

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