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Friday, 24 April 2015

Wake up call from Kakteh

Today,I got a wake-up tag from Kakteh at her Facebook about blogging.When my subsription expired in October,2013,I decided not to renew it because about half my readers had gone to my Facebook to read my 'status update'.So I left my normal blogging but I keep updating my photography and cycling blogs.To me,Facebook is good enough for me to share my postings with others.

With more than 10 million Malaysians are having Facebook accounts,I do not see any need for me write my blogs in the normal way.I can replace it with Notes Apps in Facebook.Another plus point to use Facebook is its convenient to use it either with my PC or my smart phone.Blogs are too slow for communication.

Over the last thirty months,I sometimes feel guilty when my blog readers wrote to me and asking me why I stopped blogging and when I will resume.To avoid further explaination,I just kept an elegant silence.After a few months,no one cares whether I write or not in my blog The Reader at

After using Facebook for more than five years,I realised that blogs have the advantage of better house-keeping compared to Facebook.I can easily locate my postings.But  I let it be,,

After reading posting by Kakteh this morning (24/4/2015)about getting the great a.k.a old bloggers to blog again,I  accepted her suggestion. And  many of us decided to blog again beginning 6th of May ,2015.Since I forgot the passwords and I am now in the 60's,I might as well start a new blog as a senior citizen but with the same title-The Reader.

So,here I am back to paint the blogsphere red....

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