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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Umai Cafe,Putrajaya

It was then known as Ceritera Cafe but the business did not last.The second and the present operator took over about four  years ago and so far it surives under the new name Umai Cafe.It is where my bicycle gang meet and have meals  after our rides~about two times a month.When the present operator moved in,we were scared the operator may suffer the same fate as the first operator.The reason being there were not many customers patronizing this cafe due to its location.It is in our group interest to make the operator survives so that we can have access to cheap and good food and drinks.

We purposely sat outside the cafe so that the passers by can see that this cafe has customers.We also stayed longer so that the passers by would not see empty seats.Customers attract customers.The cafe looks popular with many customers.We also use our social media through blogs,facebooks and twitters telling our good experience at the Umai Cafe.Now, Umai Cafe is thriving and a few of us regrettted that we over promoted the place.With too many customers,we cyclists who are thirsty become impatient when we get late service.Somehow,I sometimes do get preferential treatment.

A few days ago,our Putrajaya Cycling Club membership has reached 600 persons.I am very happy that our members(PCC/PUR) have contributed to the success of this cafe and at the same time we promote healthy life style.Most of us are not slim but we are much fitter and active than those couch potatoes sitting on the sofas watching tellys.

Last night,I took my wife and son for our simple family dinner of mee mamak dan iced teas.The bill came to RM22 with GST.The food is 3-star but the view by the lakeside is 5-star.That is value for money.After my dinner,I talked to the manager that I wanted to book a few tables for Book Reading Picnic to be held on 10/5/2015.This is a family and friends event to promote the culture of reading among our family members and friends.

I heard that revolutions in France  started with conversations among intellectuals in Paris Cafes.Hopefully,I could use the cafe ambiance to start conversations on reading and other good deeds for public good.

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