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The last time I was in Paris with Awang Goneng

Paris is a city that I love to  visit but some how I always go to London first and Amsterdam second whenever I am in Europe.It is a city that made feel like I am  a real foreigner because of the language barrier.It is my weakness of not being able to speak French.If I wish to learn a new language,it would be Arabic.By the way,the last time I was here was in 2003.Awang Goneng was my travelling partner.The photo above was taken by him

Lately I am a regular follower of photography podcast by a French Street Photographer,Ms Valerie Jardin.Her great photos made me look back to my photos I took  when I was in Paris.Had I know about Street Photography then,I would be clicking hundreds of photos from the streets of Paris.At that time,I was on sight-seeing.Below is another photo when I was exploring the city.

I love to read books.Awang Goneng took me to visit the famous English Bookshop next to Notredam.I met George the bookshop owner.As usual,he offered me a free accommodation but I declined.Here is my photo with him.He passed away some years back.

Along the road by the River Seine,I saw roadside stalls selling posters/cards.

At that time,there were no apps like waze or Google map to show directions.We had to resort to the old ways of using paper maps.Below is a photo of my walking partner looking at the map to find our way to some destination where I forgot.

Taken from my SNAPSHOTSTORY #51


  1. I love all the pictures -especially the last one!

  2. Thank you Zaharah.I am to know that you love the last photo taken by me;-))

  3. Pak Adib,
    How fortunate of me to have crossed your path somewhere and ultimately become a real life friend after a cup of coffee with you and your wonderful wife at The White House cafe in Kota Bharu. You showed me the way to Hayaki Kopitiam using your GPS. Yes you had to use your GPS because I didn't know how to take you there even though I live in Kelantan. Anyway we ended up at The White House.

  4. Pak Zawi,
    Thank you for being my real life friend.If it were not for blogging,we may never know one another.On the 6th of May,I want to write about blogging and how I benefitted from it.


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