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Power of blogs?

Let me share the news that I kept in my previous blog about the power of social media in politics.Blog is a part of social media.In Malaysia Che Det blog witten by ex PM Tun Dr Mahathir is read by millions and it is very power.
The writer and the contents matter.Nowadays,with Facebook/Twitters,blog links and contents are easily spread and communicated to the global audience in very short time.

PM concedes BN lost online war during polls
By : Newsdesk
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Barisan Nasional lost the online war to win votes in the March 8 general election.
“We didn’t think it was important. It was a serious misjudgement,” he said at the opening of Invest Malaysia, an investment conference.
Last year, the country had more than 13.5 million Internet users, or just under one in two Malaysians. This was a third more than in 2005, when there were 10 million users.

The World Wide Web allowed parties like the DAP, PKR and Pas, which have long complained of bias in the traditional media, to reach voters in their offices and homes.


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