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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Photowalk at Pantai Irama

A few days before I went home to my kampung Pondok Beris,I informed my friends at Perantau Bachok that I will be doing Photowalk on Friday morning at 7am on 20/6/2014.As I expected,only two friends joined me,but we had great morning.It was a bit cloudy but we managed to snap nice sceneries.

 As I walked,I noticed a young lady in black sitting by the beach and reading her mobile phone.I am very shy when it comes to talking to ladies but I grapped enough courage to walk and talk to her. I asked her permission and she allowed me to take her photos.I need this skill in order to take more street photos.

In the late afternoon on the same day,I went again to Pantai Irama. It was full of people.Food and boat business are booming with great demand.Sadly,the infrastructure to support and facilitate tourism industry is obviously lacking.The state government is sleeping..


  1. How awesome our world is...I often balek kampong also, and most recently to visit my first grandson. Had Nasik dagang breakfast in Bachok and visited Perkuburan Pulau Melaka.
    I should have taken time out to view and appreciate the beauty of Allah creations, such as these you have shared with us.
    Thank you

  2. Thank Pak Pin for dropping by my blog and left a comment.My photography hobby made see more the beauty of the creations of Allah Al-Musawir,Bachok was blessed by beautiful beach but sadly it was badly maintained.