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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Clouds can be scary,dramatic and beautiful..

Cloud has many meanings.I am on cloud nine means something great is happening for me.But do I have the clouds to get this project done means differently from cloud nine.And the dark clouds are bad signs which have got nothing to do with the rains.The text and the context acquire their own meaning in different part of speech or locations on planet earth.

This is Presint 8,Putrajaya.My son was driving and suddenly I saw the above cloud formations.At firstI got scared but I grabbed my smart phone and shot this image.
At times,they are just beautiful,filling all your vision on your travel.

The above was taken during my photowalk when I was armed to the teeth with my camera gears.Iis sunset at The Marina ,Putrajaya.

The above clouds formed a blue mountain behid the redddish morning sky.This image looks like a painting.
and some clouds just add beauty to the landscape environment.

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