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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Cafe with A View

Location is very important when we select a property either to live in or to operate a business.It really matters because the physical,economic and social environment will have a positive as well as negative impacts on our life and business.When I was a director of  a fast food chain in Malaysia,I had the opportunities and experience in analysing and selecting the new sites of our proposed restaurants.Once,we have chosen the location,then we have to live with it.

Similarly,I use the same guideline for me to select a restaurant even though I only want two be there for one or two hours.It is not just the food,the service and the internal ambiance,but what is outside the restaurant also matters.What more if I want to take photos from inside the restaurant.

After my meeting at JKR yesterday,I went to KL Sentral to take my train home to Bangi.After purchasing my ticket,I have 30 minutes to kill before the next train arrives.So,I look around for a restaurant that I could savour my teh tarik(warm tea) and at the same time giving me a good street views where I could snap a few photos before I go home.One of them is a shown above.Inside my travelling bag,I have my compact camera,book to read,a note book to write, a pen and my wallet.My mobile phone is in my pocket.I also write my personal journal while having my tea.Is it cool?

Talking about Cafe with A View,I have set up a Facebook Group.You are most welcome to join and share some beautiful photos and interesting stories.

If you are around Putrajaya,there are a few good cafes where you can have your food/drinks and at the same time enjoy a good view:

1.Umai Cafe
2.Teh Tarik Place at Ayer8,Pressint 8,
3.The Souq,next to Masjid Putra
4.Lake Club Putrajaya
5.Restoran Ikan Bakar,Taman Seri Empangan

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