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Friday, 18 December 2015

Project Management Lessons

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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Kelantan Economic Progress:Tourism

You can read all the facts and views about this matter in government reports and journals by academia.It is good for politics and politicians to debate until the cows come home.

I was born in Bachok in the early 50s before Merdeka and had seen what BN and PAS governments had done and not done for Kelantan in the last 50 years,especially in my own district of Bachok.And I feel bad about it.There is no district hospital yet and not having adequate potable water supply.Forget about proper town and urban services.

What will take place in the next 50 years?I am now a senior citizen and will fade away.The next leaders come from my children generation for the next 25 years.Before we go away ,what are we going to hand over to our children?My peers are leading the country now.They donot have much time left,say the most is another decade before they let go or be taken away.Looking at what is on the table right now,I am very shy to hand over the mess we had created.We must clean our shits in politic,economy and social.And we must do fast so that we regain our honour as fathers to our children before time catches with us.

Kelantan is endowed with great potential in agriculture and tourism.And my district Bachok has beautiful beaches for tourism but sadly were not planned and developed to realise their tourism potential.We have a good sign board though..

Before it is too late,preferably during the next General Election ,the new leaders either from PAS or BN must takeover Kelantan from the present leaderships in PAS and BN and then work together for the sake of the people of Kelantan.The politicking from both sides for the last fifty years had failed to bring the progress needed for the well being of our children and grand children.

To my friends from both divides,let us guide our young leaders and let them lead and manage.We must spend more time getting ready for the next world.

Friday, 20 November 2015

At The Borders

I am not crossing my country's borders to visit other country.Rather,I was at a bookshop called The Borders at The Curve,Kuala Lumpur yesterday. It is the only reasonable size bookshop branch left after the owner downsized the biggest one at The Berjaya Times Square.I felt very sad because I love The Borders as a good bookshop that caters for everyone- from a child to a professor.

Why was I at The Boders?Well,I was looking for new notebook for my personal journal.It is Lettera Notebook by Unicorn.One thing I found out this notebook is 40% cheaper than at MPH.I won't go to MPH for stationery any more!

The photo above showed Yusuf Islam a.k.a Cat Stevens was about to enter Kinokuniya Bookshop at Suria  KLCC for his book signing ceremony.This is a very well stock bookshop where I can find most books I want to buy and read.But if you wish to buy novels and stationery,Popular Bookshops are good enough.One thing I like about this bookshop is am inside cafe on the mezzanine floor.Below is a photo of me browsing the bookshelves..

Below is a photo of half cafe and half bookshop at Bukit Tunku,KL.I saw it lasted only two years.Then,it dissappered.To me,I don't think small bookshops can survive the competition from MPH,The Borders and Kinokuniya.A few years back,I want to own and operate a bookshop,but now I prefer to open a sundry shop.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Fishy Picnic-10/11/2015

Last week ,on Divali Day,I took my grand children to have a little picnic at Taman Botani,Putrajaya.I took the boys to feed some hundreds of hungry Javanese carps swimming near thee Yellow Jetty next Seafood Restaurant.We had great fun feeding the fish and taking photos in the beautiful garden full of hibiscus and orchid flowers.

This guy looked scared..

Wednesday, 11 November 2015



Most of the time we talk with family members,friends,office mates etc.We seldom have conversations on things that really matters to us as individuals ,society and nation.At times,we make fun of something very serious affecting our society and our country.

Two days ago,I was privileged to have a conversation or rather an audience with a learned man who carries the titles of Tan Sri,Dato Seri and Ph D .He was very worried about the prevalent collusion of fikrah among the Muslim ummah globally and also in Malaysia with half pass six scholars who could not differentiate between the usul and the furuk.This group thinks that they only own the truth.When I asked why,he replied:The corruption of knowledge!

The answer reminds me of the lecture I attended at ISTAC many years ago.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Visit to Orchid Garden

My first and may be my last to visit this garden.Nothing great to attract me for a return visit and toilet not well maintained.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Riderside Development

Some river are better to be left on their own..Sungai Gali,Beris,Kelantan.

Some rivers have great potential for riverside development,but nothing much was done.-Sungai Kelantan.

Some rivers have undergone redevelopment and became great tourism attractions like the above in Melaka.

Friday, 23 October 2015

It takes time..

Indeed it takes time to see things..

The above photo was taken yesterday (22 Oct.,2015) when I was at Pullman Hotel,Putrajaya to pick up my son who was giving a lecture there.While waiting for him,I was invited by his colleague to have high tea with him.We had great conversation about training and doing business with government departments and agencies.As we talked my eyes wandered around the area and I was mersmerised by the beautiful archictecture around me.Before going home,I walked around and snapped a few photos with my smart phone Note3.If only I have my Fujifilm XT1 with me..

It was not my first visit to Pullman Hotel but it was my first high tea here.When I sat down on the chair and look around me,then only my eyes really started seeing the grandeur of the hotel and its intricate designs all over the facades of the buildings.I was intoxicated by the beauty all over me.Previously,I only saw all these as I was walking and never really stop to see as they are.Everything is in passing because we were in a hurry to get to our next destination.In fact,I could conclude we see nothing as we were passing through.It is just like we are flipping through the pages of a novel and never really read any paragraphs there.To really see,we have to take time and ponder upon what we see,then what we think and hopefully what we feel.My hobby in photography helps me a lot in the act and the art of seeing things.

In life,there is nothing to rush.Things will come your way as you keep moving and first enjoy what you are,what you have  and where you are.I had missed a lot of good moments because I was rushing.Over the last 50 years of my adult life,I have learnt that no matter how much planning and efforts to get where I want to be,only Allah will decide when I shall arrive.

As a traveller in this journey of life,remember always our destination but never forget to enjoy your journey.By the way,do not be amused and seduced by a few R&R's along your way.You have a destination to arrive before you run out of your fuel and time.

As a muslim poet and sufi used to say:Oh My Lord,if I am lost,please find me at Your door.InsyaAllah.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Train-My preferred mode of transportation

Traffic jams are getting worse everyday and I am getting older at the same time.Getting stuck at the Sungai Besi Toll for half an hour and crawling into the city via MEX Hihgway are intolerable.I am already 63 years.My preferred choice to go to KL is by Komuter Train from UKM,near my house in Bandar Baru Bangi.

After doing my business or personal errands in KL,I will look for a nice cafe to sit down and relax-enjoy my cup of tea and wash the world  goes by.Most people are busy doing something or going some where.As I sit ,I reflect on my life many decades ago and I take time to write my personal journal in my notebook.

Before I catch my train back to Bangi,I will walk around and snap some cool photos.I am now a seriuos amteur photographer who is taking every opportunity to improve my photos to tell a better story to make this world a better place for mankind. How do I go about doing that tall order? I will shoot photos that make others to do something for themselves and others.

Saturday, 17 October 2015


I got to know this concept of HEALTHY PARK,HEALTHY PEOPLE when I joined the Committee of PUTRAJAYA INTER PARK RIDE more than five years ago.Its main objective is to get the people to visit public parks.According to a study by an Australian body that there is a possitive correlation of being healthy for people who visit parks as part of their life style.We started with about 30 riders about 4 years ago and the grand finale record was more than 3000 riders.Nowadays,Putrajaya is the place to ride and the place where many national cycling events take place.As they say,the rest is history.

Cycling as a sport is quite successful but a lot of efforts and time are needed to get the masses to visit the parks regularly and live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Putrajaya has many beautiful and well maintained public parks.My favourites are Taman Saujana Hijau,The Promenade,The Botanical Garden,The Boardwalk,Taman Wawasan,Chancerry Garden,Taman Wetlands,Water Sports  Centre and Taman Seri Empangan.Sadly,not many people visit and walks in the above mentioned gardens.On weekends,Majority of Malaysians flock to Shopping Complexes for shopping and eating.Old habits die hard.

Public health costs government a  billions ringgit a year.Our lifestyle contribute to many Malaysians having diabetes,high blood pressure and heart diseases.On the 10.10.2015,the Sport Ministry launched our National Sports Day so that we can become a sporting nation.All these events are just  "sport projects".We need more than that.The nation needs a CHANGE MANGEMENT PLAN  to move from where we are now to the Desired Destination.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Driving taxi

Last Monday,I used MyTeksi apps to get a ride to Putrajaya Sentral and later catch a Transit ERL to KLIA2.It is cheaper that way because my wife and me are senior citizens who get discount about 50% if we use railway services like ERL and LRT.In less than one minute after I clicked the apps button,I got a call from a cabbie who not oly accpeted my booking but offer me a discount ride all the way from Bangi to KLIA.

He is in late 20s.When he arrived at my home,he took my luggages and put them in the bonnet.Along the way,I asked me why he decided to be a taxi driver.He hailed from Slim River and came to KL after his SPM(MCE/O Level).He did all the odd jobs to feed him and later ended working in a hotel house-keeping department.With low pay,he could not save even RM100 a month.After a few years,he resigned and became a taxi driver.His income started from RM2000 and now with MyTeksi,his income is about RM6000 a month!And according to him a few of his friends are raking even RM10,000 a month.Now, I understand why traditional taxi drivers are making noises about Uber and Car-sharing initiatives.

When we arrived ,he took out my luggages and put them on the trolley.I paid him RM50.That is what I call a service.He must had learnt during his hotel days.I am very happy for him.On the way to check in,I was thinking hard-I am in the wrong business!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Walking The streets of Kota Bharu

Last week,I was in Kota Bharu on business trip and l took the opportunity to walk the streets of Kota Bharu aka KB from River View Hotel to KB Bus Station.It was a nostalgic walk for me as the showers of memory came down to my mind as I parked my car next to Wisma LKIM.Immediately,I remember the Lido Pawagam and the Tanah Rendah Sekebun Bunga where there were dozens of food stalls.Now,it is where River View Hotel  is standing.

As I walked the streets toward KB Bus Station,I passed through rows of old shophouses.I remember walking here more than 50 years ago with my mother on her shopping trip for clothings and food supplies.In the 60's and 70's we did not have shopping complexes like KB Mall,TESCO etc.All shopping was done inside the traditional rows of shophouses surrounding the KB Central Market aka Pasar Besar.As I walked along the shop front passageway aka 'kaki lima',I noticed that the shopping activities has slowed down and moved to new shopping complexes and bazaars.The retail industry is going to modern shopping complexes and the old shophouses are seen struggling to remain in business.To survive this on slaught of big businesses,they have to remain relevant to the new shoppers as my generation of shopper are fading away.

Below is the photo of Pasar Besar KB after it was renovated.It looks almost completed but it is still not open for business.I have a lot of childhood memories inside this market place,especially the nearby  Kedai Makan Sumatra and the Merican Dispensary,a famous private clinic frequented by my late father.

I was looking for Poh Wah Tailor around the area but could not find it.It was the shop where I  made my first coat in 1973 to wear on my first BOAC international flight from Kuala Lumpur to Heathrow,England.

This trishaw is called teksi in Kelantan.

I suggest to my friends who hailed from KB to do a Photowalk Around KB and tell us more stories.New buildings are going up but I am the city planning to say the least.I have yet to see the so called Bandaraya Islam despite many domes topping the KB skyline.May I propose jus a simple green city-clean,friendly and safe.To me,that is a good beginning to be Bandaraya Islam.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Green water

It is cool to be green.Major cities world wide are going green and I have green eyes looking at their efforts when the cities of my country are going concrete. Green buildings and landscapes turn me on but last week I have a green encounter of the third kind-green pond located near the beautiful picnic areas at Pantai Irama,Bachok ,Kelantan.I saw green water.As a water engineer,my eyes turned green with anger.Thank God I did not turned into a menacing Incredible Hulk and ran amok around the town.I told myself to remain cool and forget that I am an engineer and wear my other cap as a photographer.Below are two shots I like  to share with my fellow readers:

Nice to look and take photos,but the smell is bad.Many,many years ago,the water was clean and there was  a group of chalets around this pond.Now,it was neglected and became a dumping ground.The Majlis Daerah Bachok must do something urgently-clean the water or fill it up.Failing which ,the image of Pantai Irama will be adversely affected.

Water pollution can be seen all over the country.Many of our rivers are badly polluted and the campaign Love Our River has lost it voice.Even the signboards of Love Our River had fallen down and got washed away in broken pieces floating down the rivers.What a sad story.One glaring example is Sungai Air Hitam that passes through Bandar Baru Bangi.

About 97% of our raw water source for our drinking water comes from the rivers.And yet,we are treating our rivers like major sewers.Talking about sewers,IWK is still struggling to keep our waste water acceptable before the water joins our natural waterways.By the way,Kelantan until today,does not have a company like IWK to manage their waste water.Only God knows when environmental disaster will take place.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Haze Season 2015

It started in the last week of August,2015.My family and I were shrouded by haze all the way when we left Arau all the way to Bangi.We travelld by car via PLUS Highway.Entering the KL City Centre,I hardly could see the clusters of tall flat at Mont Kiara.

I read that two meetings were postphoned between Malaysia and Indonesia counter part to resove this perennial issues.So far,I donot know whether the two have ever managed to sit down and talk to one another.But what I am sure is nothing much have been because this morning the API for Putrajaya is 235 and Shah Alam has exceeded 300!

What will be tomorrow API?It is any body's guess.

On a few occassions,schools had to be closed and our lives are badly interuppted and disrupted.I heard a deafening elegant silence from our government and the Indonesian givernment.Semua buat bodoh and the rakyat suffered in silence and some fell sick.

When it rains,we will know where our roofs are leaking.When we have flood,we know which drains have most rubbish.When we have from our Indonesia neigbour,we know what kind of neighbour we have and we know how caring is our leaders for our well being.A friend told me not depend on our country leaders and he asked me to pray for the rainfalls.

My prayers:May Allah save us from our own follies and give us better leaders.

Below is a photo taken behind Alamanda, Putrajaya. By today,I don't think I could see any birds around.

Friday, 2 October 2015

My 63rd Birthday

First my thanks and gratitude to Allah for His rahmah on me that I am still alive at 63 years old and in generally good health.Thank you,My Lord-Allahu Rabbul 'Alamin for everything you have given to me.May I live the rest of my life in the state of obedience and taqwa to You,Ya Allah.

This year ,I  chose to be at home with my wife to enjoy a quiet birthday.I read my favourite story book and my wife did some cooking for two of us.All of children are working now.Two had already got married and I have now four grand children.However,my online community at Facebook was very busy.There was a flurry of Happy Birthday greetings and doas for my birthday.I lost count but the number almost touched 200.It started as early as 3am for the last two days.The simplest mesaage is just hbd to me and the more complex messages came in photos and long text.These birthday messages came from my relatives,close friends, my online groups members  (cycling/ photography/ palm) and alumni.During the old days of blogs and emails,I never receive more then 50 birthday greetings.Now Facebook make it easier for everyone to know their friend's birthday and to send greeting messages.To those who took time to send greetings and doas for me,may I thank you very much and God bless all of you.

At 40,I was wondering whether I could live to 50 because a few of my peers had passed away.At 50,I also wondered whether I could live to 60 as more of friends and relatives passed away.At 60,I told myself  not to count years but count every Friday and be grateful to Allah for His mercy on me to keep me alive until the next Friday.In our family,I become one of the senior members.It means that I am on the next on line.Birthdays are milestones on my journeys of life.As the years went by,the numbers of milestones increases and the distance to destination is getting nearer..

Looking back,I don't have much to tell and what matters more at this age, as a muslim, is to live a life of taqwa.I must keep changing myself for the better before I am called to meet Allah.As the wise Al-Rumi said,"When I was clever I want to change the world.Now,I am wise,I want t change myself".I have seen the world in the last 50 years and know what it was.Now,I must spend more time getting ready for the next world.InsyaAllah.

To me,birthday is not only a day to celebrate but also a day to cry..

Once again,thank you everyone for being a good friend to me.Thank you Ya Allah for every thing and please keep me on the right path until I come to you.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Side Story of Pasar Siti Khadijah(PSK),Kota Bharu.

The above photo is a familiar shot taken by most visitors and photographers who visited this famous market(PSK).It is a view from the top showing a neatly rows or columns of vendors selling their products.What I am going to blog about is not about my beautiful photo shots of PSK but more about what are needed to be done so that PSK  fits to wear the name of Siti Khadijah.PSK is The Market for KB and Kelantan.And Siti Khadijah is the name of Prophet Muhammad first wife.

As a Kelantan born Malay,I enjoyed a rich tapestry of exotic Kelantan cakes and delicacies.Below  is my favourite row of Kelantan cakes which is a must visit every time I visit PSK.

Inside the main hall of the market,it is filled and packed with vendors. Below are examples of those stalls outside the main hall.A few vendors are selling on the stairs/steps.

The December ,2014 flood had damaged the external open space for vendors to sell their products.Six months later,nothing was done to facilitate and make good the damaged  areas so that the traders could resume their business.Below are some snapshots  that made me feel very sad.Just look how bad their conditions are..Don't we care?

Below is a backlane view of the small restaurants around the PSK.Their conditions need a lot of refurbishment work so that the external facade of PSK willlook pleasing to visitors and tourists.Every time tourist enters this famous market,I feel ashamed that such a state icon was badly  maintained  and neglected.In some places,it is rotting now...

I walk this market at least six times in a year.It URGENTLY needs upgrading and refurbishment in all aspects and needs good and effective FACILTIIES MANAGEMENT.Failing which,it will deteriorate to another market like the one in Bachok.Market Bachok is another story.My heart bleeds..

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Walking in KL

Wide and clean roadside pavement to walk in the city should be the goal of city planners and city hall.The above is a good example whenever new property development takes off,generous space is given to pedestrians.This one is between Nu Sentral and Jalan Brickfields.

The above is another good example where efforts were made to landscape the space between the buildings and the the main road was converted to a linear garden and the pedestrians covered walkway.More money should be allocated for this 'redevelopment ' for the benefits of city dwellelers and visitors.To me,this promotes not only healthy lifestyle to get people to walk more but also reduce traffic congestions in the city during peak hours.No need to drive for lunch.Walking is cheaper and healthier.This is what I did today when went to visit a few friends at JKR HQ,KL.I took the Komuter from UKM,Bangi and travelled to Bank Negara Komuter Station.From here,I walked to JKR Office.After meeting my friends and had tosai,I walked to SOGO,passing Bank Negara building,DBKL and CIMB HQ.It was a breeze and fun for me.I burnt some calories,help to reduce city CO2 emission and save a few ringgit.Just look at the narrow sidewalk of the roads designed in the 70's.We have to do some paradigm shift that roads are not only for the cars,but the roads are also for the pedestrians and cyclists.In one  simple word,the roads are for the people first.To make this change possible,there is a need in changing the policy and budget for the urban transport planning .

It is sad to note that we are repeating the mistakes done by developed world while they are going ahead with green and sustainable city life right in front of our very eyes.

One thing that I must congratulate DBKL is the effort to connect major shopping centres.One great example is the elevated walkways from KLCC to Pavilion.I just love to walk here.By the way,it is air-conditioned!

As a senior citizen and someone who worked as an engineer for JKR in nation building,I feel very sad if we keep on destroying our green environment.Let us keep it cool and green for us and hand them over to our grand children..

Monday, 14 September 2015


Waking up this morning,I have a shocking hazy Monday greeting of API 160 in Putrajaya.I live in Bangi,located about 5km east of Putrajaya.I donot know about API for Bangi,but I use Putrajaya as my reference.From the veranda of my house facing PLUS and Putrajaya,I cloud see thick haze filling the horizon.Looking eastwards,the sun is no where to be seen.

My firends who live in Cheras could smell the burnt air and I suffered irritating eyes and course throat and coughs due to bad air quality.It is anticipated that this hazy conditions will be around us until end of the month,September 2015.In the last three days,I was imprisoned in my own house.It was not safe for me to go out and I missed my cycling,not to mention about others who have to go outdoors to earn their living.

This matter is not something new.It has been repeating itself for more than a decade.Both governments of Indonesia and Malaysia had a few rounds of talks to mitigate these issues related to burning that affect badly the quality of  people life in the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia.Whatever talks had taken place and actions taken so far,it appeared that the matters were not being resolved and the haze is getting worse.

There are other important factors,but what matters most is the public health.Those who keep burning trees and plantation in Sumatra or other part of Indonesia could not care less about us.Their financial gains and conveneince matter more.Our quality of  lives are no concerns of theirs.My question -Do we care for our own people???

Are we just going to wait and pray for the rainfalls to clear the air?The government and the people must do something to change our conditions.Then,we pray.-Quran:Surah 13:11

Sunday, 13 September 2015


From this photo,the mode of failure clearly indicated that instability of the crane caused it to collapse.The lateral wind loading from the sand storm toppled the crane .So what is new?It happened in Malaysia and all over the world.History repeats itself because we humans seldom learn from previous incidents/accidents.It is a RISK MANAGEMENT ISSUE that was NOT given due attention.We can't stop the accidents from happening but at least we could mitigate the risks and the negative impact to people and properties at or near construction site.

Money is not an issue for a rich country like KSA.Competency(knowledge,skill and attitude) is a major problem worldwide,including Malaysia.


Friday, 4 September 2015


Pelbagai peristiwa yang berlaku di seluruh dunia ,khususnya di negara kita Malaysia dalam tempuh terdekat menambah lagi keyaqinan saya terhadap kebenaran ayat Quran saperti berikut.Bagi diri saya dan rakan sewaktu dengan saya(60an),tidak lama lagi tirai pentas akan di labuhkan.Bersegeralah kita memperbaiki dan menambah bekalan kita untuk satu kehidupan akhirat yang kekal abadi.InsyaAllah.
[57:20] Ketahuilah bahawa (yang dikatakan) kehidupan dunia itu tidak lain hanyalah (bawaan hidup yang berupa semata-mata) permainan dan hiburan (yang melalaikan) serta perhiasan (yang mengurang), juga (bawaan hidup yang bertujuan) bermegah-megah di antara kamu (dengan kelebihan, kekuatan dan bangsa keturunan) serta berlumba-lumba membanyakkan harta benda dan anak pinak; (semuanya itu terhad waktunya) samalah seperti hujan yang (menumbuhkan tanaman yang menghijau subur) menjadikan penanamnya suka dan tertarik hati kepada kesuburannya, kemudian tanaman itu bergerak segar (ke suatu masa yang tertentu), selepas itu engkau melihatnya berupa kuning; Akhirnya ia menjadi hancur bersepai dan (hendaklah diketahui lagi, bahawa) di akhirat ada azab yang berat (di sediakan bagi golongan yang hanya mengutamakan kehidupan dunia itu) dan (ada pula) keampunan besar serta keredaan dari Allah (disediakan bagi orang-orang yang mengutamakan akhirat) dan (ingatlah, bahawa) kehidupan dunia ini tidak lain hanyalah kesenangan bagi orang-orang yang terpedaya.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


It was just another day of celebration for our National Independence Anniversary.For this year,Bersih4 was more dominant prior to the National Day.

Personally,I have nothing new to celebrate other than it is our national day anniversary.Political and economic situations arised from the GST and the issues related to 1MDB are of great concerns to many of us who  are normal citizens and especially the low income group like me who are struggling to meet ends meet against the escalation of price of goods we need for our daily lives.

Everyday,I read the views of fellow Malaysians in social media about their concerns on the present political and ecnomic scenario of our country.I could feel the heat and vibrations.Sometimes,I feel very sad,at time I got angry and sometimes I had a good laugh.Words and events are moving faster than I could read and see them.As a concerned and informed observer on the 'kaki lima',I am asking myself,what is next.

A young man asked me what is going to be the future of our country.It reminds of one ayat from the Holy Quran:

For each (such person) there are (angels) in succession, before and behind him: They guard him by command of Allah. Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls). But when (once) Allah willeth a people's punishment, there can be no turning it back, nor will they find, besides Him, any to protect.

So,young man,your future depends more on what you are going to do now for yourself and your country.My generation of senior citizens are fading away..

Saturday, 29 August 2015

No democracy..

When it comes to truth and knowledge, there is no democracy of public opinion.The truth will stand on its own evidence and knowledge is either we have or we don't.Period.

Opinions vary with people,space and time.

If you believe in what what you are doing,then keep on doing  it even if you are alone-or you may look weird or funny to others.The photo shown is a lady who prefers to  keep reading while waiting for her train.Bravo!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Hazy highways

Today,I suffered again from the presence of the haze as I travelled from Changloon to Bangi-a distance of about 500km.Every year we Malaysians have to suffer because our neighbours keep cutting and burning their trees.I heard talks are being held to resolve the issue but it remains only talks.

Personally,I had enough of these talks..What kind of neighbour who knowingly makes us suffer for their own convenience and profit?

Below are photos taken during my car driveas evidence of NO ACTION,TALK ONLY i.e NATO