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Monday, 10 April 2017


Running is getting more popular nowadays.It is like cycling.Those days,some ten years ago,it is an exercise  for sportmen and not for common people.Running has its own beauty.How I wish I am 20 years younger to do Half -Marathon.

When I was studying in Sheffield University in early 70s,I walked to my U two or three miles a day and I walked fast.That habit stuck with me and 40 years later, I still do.Now at the age of almost 65 years, I can walk 4.5km in one hour.

On weekend, I cycle with my friends.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Views in The Train

I love to travel by train.At every opportunity,I take photos with my smart phone or my camera.I notice more and more people are using train to go to work.There are many ways to shoot photos related to train travels.Here,I am sharing a few examples.One of the top reasons why I like travelling by train is that I don't have to drive.I am just a passenger-enjoying the ride.When I am lucky,I meet people and we have great conversation.Other times,I just read or take photos as shown here.

Monday, 27 March 2017

The Path - enLightened Or Lighted

The glare of the sun blind our eyes.Even in broad day light,we cannot see anything.The darkeness of the night hides things from us.The things are there,but we don't know what and where they are.And when our eyes are closed,we see nothing.Such is the limitations of our sights.
And when we see things as they are,our eyes only capture the visual image.We need the right knowledge to know and understand what we see.With prejudice and sentiments,we see what we want to see.The rational mind flies out of the window.

The lighted path shows us what is under the light,but the enlightened path is a guided path to a desired destination.

Sunday, 26 March 2017


I entered the PLUS Highway at Kajang Toll at 3.40pm I was on my way to pay a visit to my neighbour in Taman Maluri who passed away at 1pm.Solat jenazah was scheduled after solat 'asar.By about 3.45pm,it began to rain and it got heavier and heavier until my visibility was about 10 metres.I only knew my location from my Waze's Map.The cars were almost crawling as we approached the Sg Besi Toll.I could not read the toll signages.The rain water surface run-off on the road was about 10 centimeters. After the tolll, the traffic came almost at a stand still.It was not raining cats and dogs any more.I think it is more like raining elephants and tigers.I saw layers of curtain of rainfall surrounding me.The thunders were deafening...

After paying my toll,I decided to stop at the Petron Station nearby and think-to proceed and take the risk of driving another 15km to KL in that condition or go home and travel 20km.On checking with my Waze,the road is "green" for me to return home and "red" to proceed.I decided to go home.
On the way home,I saw at least 50% of the road was inudated with a few inches of rain water.The standard road drainage failed miserably under such stormy weather.All along my scary drive,I had to muddle through "flooded" roads and manuevering around fallen tree branches scattered on the road.By 4:30pm,I returned home in one piece-Alhamdulilah.Pheww....what a Sunday drive to KL.

Thursday, 16 March 2017


First, we see the forest from a far. As we get nearer, we see the trees-many trees of different heights.sizes and shapes.Without the trees,there will be no forest.

The same thing applies to stock market.We can see the beautiful green forest but inside there are few sick trees and dead woods.However,when the forest catches fire,no tree is safe.I still remember the 19th October stock market crash when The Dow went down 508 points in a single day!

As INSKEN BisnesKonselor,I encourage young entrepreneurs to do business in a shopping complex.This is another jungle with many animals looking for their preys.Most of them told me they donot have enough capital.Of course,it takes big money to open a shop but why not start with a kiosk?Even small trees can surive in the big forest.But make sure you have enough light to grow bigger to become big trees.-Photo taken at FRIM.

Sunday, 1 January 2017


Little knowledge is dangerous?
Having little knowledge is better than no knowledge at all.What is dangerous is when we use little knowledge to apply to something bigger.Or when we assume ourlittle knowledge is big enough for us.In fact, you may be expert in solar energy but you may know nothing about flying an aeroplane, not to mention how to make nasi lemak!
Everyone starts with little knowledge.When we keep learning, our knowledge and understanding grow along the way.It is always a work in progress until we die.
Before I learn more about photography, a photo is just a photo. When I saw one, it is either nice, not nice or bad.I did not even know what was the meaning of the word 'nice'.As I learn and get more knowledge and understanding,I began to know more and began to learn how to appreciate beautiful photography.As the Malay proverb says:Tak kenal maka tak cinta!
When I re-learn the proper way to read Al-Quran with proper tajweed and meaning,I began to enjoy the beauty of Quranic recitations even though I may not know some of the meaning.Little knowledge is dangerous when you just finished a 3-month of Arabic Language class and you want to tafseer Quran on your own.My late father learnt Arabic Nahu for 15 years from Tok Kenali and yet he only became a teacher.
So,having little knowledge is not dangerous.Just keep learning and applying it appropriately at the proper places and times.